ADIDAS Mispells Colombia in Advertising

ByJason Cox

ADIDAS Mispells Colombia in Advertising

ADIDAS Mispells Colombia in Advertising

Spelling Mistakes for Colombia are Far too Common


The Copa America Centenario is less than a week old and already the tournament has been awash with organisational gaffes aplenty.

It all began when staff managed to baffle an entire stadium full of people by playing the Chilean national anthem while Uruguay lined up for their opening game against Mexico.

This was swiftly followed up by another musical own goal when, in turn, Chile had their anthem interrupted by a loud and unscheduled blast of Pitbull ahead of their first game against Argentina in California.

As if to capitalise on the general air of confusion that has enveloped the tournament so far, ADIDAS promptly got into the swing of things by promoting an advert for Colombia’s new home strip up across the United States.

Unfortunately, the sports brand opted for “Columbia” over “Colombia” — the former being the spelling for the U.S. district rather than the South American country.

SC Media, Inc takes pride in reviewing all Advertisements, no matter how small or large, prior to launch. For this type of gross misspelling to have hit the shelves, someone must have overlooked the final product before print.

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