Making SEO Work for Companies

ByJason Cox

Making SEO Work for Companies

Making SEO Work for Companies

Creating Custom SEO Strategies that work for Companies of all sizes & industries

Making SEO Work for Companies

Is your SEO Company using their SEO knowledge and expertise to make money for themselves rather than helping you make all the money.  Afterall isn’t that why you hired a Digital Marketing Company?

Technology as an Asset

Most Search Engine Optimization Companies in Florida and Michigan preach on their software. Local SEO Companies can prove very valuable to your business when the right Firm is chosen. Software is extremely valuable in the following:

  • Creating an ROI
  • Providing detailed reports
  • Proving SEO rankings
  • Competition monitoring
  • Website traffic
  • Website audit
  • And more

The issue with most of these Local SEO Companies is they will provide reports based off of original rankings and obscure keywords. We have ran into a few companies like Custom A Design who showed top performance keywords for a client of Key Technology in Wixom MI that included the following keywords:

Key Technology Solutions Wixom Michigan

  • Key Technology
  • Key Technology Wixom
  • Key Technology Wixom MI
  • Key Technology Solutions Wixom
  • Key Technology Solutions in Wixom
  • Key Technology Solutions Wixom MI
  • Key Technology Solutions Wixom Michigan office

As you can see these keywords are the local businesses name and should not be part of an efficient SEO Campaign. SC Media, Inc specializes in helping this type of business to be found by similar keywords so below:

  • Outsourcing IT Wixom
  • Outsourced IT solotions Novi Michigan
  • IT outsourcing companies near me
  • Local IT outsourcing firms Wixom

Leads from SEO Marketing Campaigns

SC Media, Inc helps deliver local leads from SEO Marketing Campaigns to Local Businesses every day. Using resources fromy 3rd Party SEO software tools we can ensure your business is successful online.  Due to the clutter of 1st page results on Google & Bing, our Digital Marketing Agency in Palm Harbor focuses on overall leads versus rankings.

With over 30 Years of SEO experience, we have realized what Local Businesses want: LEADS. If your business ranks number 1 on Google & Bing for an obscure search that is only 2% of the overall searches done, receives 0 leads, have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars; where does that leave you?

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