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ByJason Cox

How Important is Page One on Google?

SC Media, Inc is a Nationwide Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on RESULTS first.  Our company has utilized A & B Testing on multiple platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, YP, and various other Content Publishers to find out just how important it is for Page 1 results.

In our research, we have found that the majority of users who are searching for a product or service are wanting a LOCAL company, not a Toll Free 800 number.  Research has shown that web users who are able to find a Local Company, verify the location of the office, verify the Company via Facebook or company website; they are 70% more likely to call them versus a Franchise listing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been diluted to a degree by Companies like ServPro, HomeAdvisor, Porch, Angie’s List, and others.  These “Content Paid Sites” are spending 100s of thousands of dollars to ensure their listings show up first on Page 1 and then are charging you, the business owner, a fee to be on their list.  Users are getting lost in those sites, are not wanting to spend money to find out about a Company, and are then going to the 2nd and 3rd page of Google to call a Local Company.

SC Media, Inc has the resources, the tracking software, landing page development experience, and SEO experience to ensure that you are being found locally by potential customers who are in deed searching for your products & services.  Rest assured our 1st goal in developing a SEO campaign is RESULTS; not RANKINGS.

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