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ByJason Cox

Google Pushing Near Me for SEO Results

Google Pushing Near Me for Local SEO Results

It’s a ‪New Year, 2016, for us, you & Digital Marketing.  Google has begun to change the way your potential Customers are searching for your products & services by adding ‘Near Me’ as a GEO Modifier to their search query.

SC Media, Inc has noticed a big push in this as we are constantly looking for changes Google has made that can help better our Client’s SEO Campaigns and overall results.  Have you experienced Google trying to provide results that are near you? How is it working? Are the results better than before? The same?

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ByJason Cox

Page One on Google

How Important is Page One on Google?

SC Media, Inc is a Nationwide Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on RESULTS first.  Our company has utilized A & B Testing on multiple platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, YP, and various other Content Publishers to find out just how important it is for Page 1 results.

In our research, we have found that the majority of users who are searching for a product or service are wanting a LOCAL company, not a Toll Free 800 number.  Research has shown that web users who are able to find a Local Company, verify the location of the office, verify the Company via Facebook or company website; they are 70% more likely to call them versus a Franchise listing.

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