Custom Reporting Dashboard

ByJason Cox

Custom Reporting Dashboard


SC Media, Inc utilizes a 3rd Party Custom Reporting Dashboard for all of our Client’s campaigns, regardless of services.  Our Reporting features are second to none and offer 100% transparent reporting on our Social Media Campaigns, PPC Campaigns, SEO Campaigns, Email Marketing, and more.

Our goal at SC Media, Inc has always been to offer 100% Transparent Digital Marketing Services to Local & National Businesses that deliver quality leads at a lower cost.  By using a Custom Reporting Dashboard, that gives us the opportunity to share with you, the Business Owner, immediate access to your Campaigns results and reporting.

These features help us understand what is working, what isn’t working, what your competition is doing, and helps with recommendations on what we should do differently; if anything.

Weekly Reporting on Each Campaign

We generate weekly reports to your Company on Tuesday mornings that outline that past 7 days progress on all of your campaigns.  The reports will include (if part of the campaign):

  • Site Auditor – Information pertaining to the performance of your website including speed, image issues, content issues, meta tag issues, and more
  • SEO Rankings – Information pertaining to page rankings on keywords, locations, impression share, clicks, and comparison week over week
  • Social Media – Information pertaining to posts, engagements, new fans/followers, leads, and comparison week over week
  • Analytics – Information pertaining to new visits, returning visits, average time on page/site, conversions, and comparison week over week


Sample Reporting Feature Snapshots

Below are live snapshots our current Clients utilizing our Custom Reporting Dashboard. Click each image to view more information.

Social Media Metrics

Our Social Media reporting will show data from all Social Profiles that are being included in your Campaigns.  These reports will include week over week growth, data comparison, new likes, total visits to your Pages, and more.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Social Media SC Media, Inc Jason Cox


Google Analytics Metrics

SC Media, Inc knows how vital it is to understand your site traffic and that is why we have Google Analytics as a primary dashboard feature.  We can help set up conversion tracking for sales, page visits, multiple pages viewed, time on site, and more.  These all help us and you understand what your visitors are doing while on site.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Social Media SC Media Inc Jason Cox


Site Auditor & Ranking Metrics

Understanding the health of your Website is very important and we take that extremely seriously at SC Media.  We monitor your sites performance including site traffic, 404, 301 redirects, SEO issues, image issues, page load speed, and more.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Social Media SC Media Inc Jason Cox


Dashboard View

Your home page Dashboard view gives you the vital information at a quick glance including Analytics, Site performance and Social Accounts.  This Home Page view can be switched to show other metrics as needed.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Social Media SC Media Inc Jason Cox


Google AdWords Metrics

We can also incorporate your Google AdWords campaigns into this Dashboard to help with easily viewing your progress, click through rate, total cost, cost per conversion, and more.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Google AdWords


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